Stakeholder Management Framework


Stakeholder management is an important way to influence stakeholder attitudes, decisions, and actions for mutual benefit. Strategic, sustained and proactive management of stakeholders can result in:


  • early insights to allow DWER to adapt services to meet customer needs

  • intelligence to allow proactive and targeted effort to enhance success for policy and approaches that depend on stakeholder acceptance, and

  • mitigate disruption to the organisation from reacting to unmanaged stakeholder issues.


The strategy is to efficiently harness information and relationships with our stakeholders to further the agencies mission using contemporary communication, stewardship, and data analytic approaches.


The framework was developed to improve stakeholder relationships, elevate stakeholders to act as advocates for our services and policies, and to provide feedback/data to allow DWER to improve services to stakeholders, including customers and the community. 


The active stakeholder management approach has been developed through six steps:


  1. Identification of stakeholders and peak groups;

  2. Analysis of Department memberships and associations and committees;

  3. Assessment of key stakeholders and prioritisation of contacts;

  4. Searchable database of stakeholders and stakeholder engagement activity, with user friendly interface,  to be available to all staff to use and update;

  5. Development of a program of internal “relationship managers” for all stakeholders and development of “strategic alliance partners” (key external stakeholders for “active management”);

  6. Implementation of baseline stakeholder management plans and research, evaluation of results including measurement, evaluation and tracking mechanisms.


Corporate Executive endorsed the management framework for key external stakeholders in March 2019.  A key component of the framework is that Executive Directors act as relationship managers for department stakeholders.



Asset 1.png

The stakeholder management framework will improve the quality of engagement with stakeholders, ensure more consistent messaging to stakeholders across multiple department touch points, and increase stakeholder acceptance for department plans and legislation.

To find out more, please contact Arabella Taylor in Strategy and Engagement.