Stakeholder Engage - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have a contact database management tool?

The public sector reform agenda places stakeholders and customers at the centre of our attention, business processes and service/project delivery approaches.

This database is part of the department’s strategy to efficiently harness information and relationships with our stakeholders to further lead and excel in the sustainable management and protection of Western Australia’s water and environment.

How do I use it?

The DWER online stakeholder database is accessible through a link on the DWER intranet.

The database contains the details of approximately 8,900 stakeholders and customers which can be viewed, filtered, and downloaded from the search engine. Staff are able to select as many of the pre-determined categories/ filters as they want to build the list they need. They can also re-sort their list by the first name, last name, title, position, organisation or primary contact (the relationship manager).

A range of pre-determined categories/ filters have been developed.

Why do I need approval to access all the contacts?

For security reasons, this simple database, by design, does not contain the telephone numbers and email addresses (and a myriad of other information we have about each stakeholder) so that staff cannot, without approval, do things like email all State MPs or ring up other government department CEOs without approval from the relevant Executive Director or the Database Manager.

In subsequent years, this database of stakeholders will form a component of the “back end” of the information about stakeholders for the sophisticated Environment Online system as a “single source of truth”.

Once integrated with Environment Online, this resource will allow staff to capture information on stakeholders than can be seen and shared across the department.

How do I get my database approved?

Once you have finalised the categories for your database, email your list of categories to the Database Manager who will inform the relevant Executive Director(s). Once approved the database with all available fields including, email, phone and postal address will be emailed back to you as an excel spreadsheet.

Can I just keep my approved database indefinitely?

No. As external stakeholders change jobs and organisations merge and new ones are created, once you have fulfilled the purpose of your database please delete it from your computer. If you need to use the database over an extended period of time please request periodic updates of your database to ensure its integrity. It is important as a representative of the DWER that you are using the most up-to-date and relevant data to help build and maintain strong relationships with our customers and stakeholders.

Can I request a new pre-determined categories/ filters?

Yes, contact the Database Manager with your new suggested category.

I would like to make an edit/correction to a contact.

Please email the Database Manager with your suggested edit/correction.

I have further questions

Please contact the Database Manager or phone 6364 6858